29 July 2012

Why should you use Custom Permalink on Blogger?


What is Permalink?
A permalink is a URL that points to or links to a specific blog post after it has been published.

For example,

The blog URL is http://www.blogger-help.com/

It has a post "jQquery based Mega Menu Bar for Blogger" and it's URL is

So this is URL is the permalink of that post. This link was unchangeable until now. Say if you have edited the post and changed the title of post to "CSS based mega menu bar for Blogger", but its permalink remains the same i.e.

As you have changed the post title you also need to change the permalink to

When a user will search for CSS menu bar and he will get following result:
CSS based mega menu bar for Blogger

Then he will be confused and rather do not visit your website. So we also need to change that permalink.

Why to use Custom Permalinks?
As I explained above when you edit post title, your post URL should also change to suit it. Otherwise this would result in broken links (linkrot), and fewer visitors to your blog.

How to customize permalinks?
Recently Blogger.com has introduced this new feature to enable you to customize permalinks. In the Post Settings "Permalink" option can be found.

By default Automatic URL is selected. That is your automatically generated post URL when you publish a post. If you have edited the post OR want another different URL then select the Custom URL option. Currently Custom URL characters are limited to - A to Z, a to z, 1-0 to and special characters like underscore, dash, and period.
If you have created post "Review of Samsung Galaxy", default Automatic URl will be

But you can easily customize it to more user friendly URL as follows

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July 30, 2012 at 1:24 AM

Nice. Has Blogger has also increased the Character length of URL ??

July 31, 2012 at 6:43 AM

No. Blogger still limits URL length.

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