31 May 2012

How to add energy saving mode to your blog website


Energy saving mode for a website? It is true guys. When you include the required code into your blog or website, the screen goes on standby mode turns to black as shown in image after specified time. This script is developed by www.onlineleaf.com

According to to onlineleaf.com
The standby engine is a project developed to reduce power consumption, when generating and displaying a website, without changing user experience while using the website. This is done by covering the site in a stationary, black color, which hides visual effects making the visitor's computer use less energy generating and displaying these.
You can check the live demo here.

So let's add this to your blog.

Go to Blogger dashboard >> Design >> Sdit HTML and click on Expand Widget Templates. Then add following code just above </head>
<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript" src="http://www.onlineleaf.com/savetheenvironment.js?time=60"></script>
Here you can change time=60 value. time=60 means after 60 seconds your website will be on standby mode.

Save the template.

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