03 April 2012

Customize your Blog search preferences


Blogger.com keeps introducing new features to it's users. Recently they introduced the new “Search preferences” options. Using these options you can ensure the accurate indexing of your blogs' posts and images. This is very important as it will ensure how your blog is viewed by search engines.

“Search preferences” options are available in the Settings tab of "New Blogger Interface". On clicking on it , it will show following options:
  • Meta tags 
  • Errors and redirections 
  • Crawlers and indexing  
We will check these options one by one.

This will set your blogs search description. You can write a short summary of what your blog is all about. e.g. "This blog is about the latest phones and tablets"

When you select this option a new "Search Description" option will be available on your post editor page on the Posts Settings dock. There you can add the summary of your post.

Here you will find two options: Custom Page Not Found and Custom Redirects.

Custom Page Not Found
You get this error when you try to open the broken or dead link. You can set this PAGE NOT FOUND page.

Having a customized 404 page provides your readers with a better user experience and linking them back to your blog. You can add there a simple text or HTML code.

Custom Redirects
On your active blog you add new posts and pages and sometimes delete some of them. When the user go to this deleted post, he will get Page Not Found message.  Now with this Custom Redirects option you can redirect the user from deleted posts to new posts.

You have to use this option carefully as incorrect use of these features can result in your blog being ignored by search engines.  Here you will get two options: Custom robots.txt and Custom robots header tags.

Custom robots.txt
Custom robots.txt is a way for you to instruct the search engine that you don’t want it to crawl certain pages of your blog. You can find more details here.

Custom robots header tags
Custom robots header tags allow you to tell web crawlers not to index certain sections of your site. You can find more details here.

Some more options are available in the post editor page. 

“alt” and “title” tags to images 
This option makes your images more searchable. In the post editor click on image. A new option, "Properties" will be shown. Clicking on it will show "Image Properties" box. "Alt" attributes are meant to be a description of the image for users who are unable to view the image (due to reasons such as browser compatibility or vision impairment), and the "title" attribute can be used for providing longer descriptions about the image.

This is available when you want to add a Link in the post editor. Checking this box means that you don’t want this link to be considered when web crawlers are searching for information they’ll use to index your page. You can find more details here.

That's all.

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May 11, 2012 at 12:46 AM

can you help me,please!i am a blogger with a custom donain my posts are ignored by search engines,please,i'm so scared and need help.can i have a chat with you?please tell me the time you are online

May 11, 2012 at 6:34 AM

Sorry but I can't chat.

With custom domain, search engines now look at your website as a new website. Git it a time. Add more content, add your site to various blog directories and it will come back in search results.

May 23, 2012 at 4:27 PM

how to add a site in blog directories

May 24, 2012 at 1:08 AM

go to any blog directory, register if required and add your blog URL and description.

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