08 July 2011

Importance of perfect title for Blog Post and How to write it.


Title of your Blog post is very important. The title is what attracts visitors to your site from the vast sea of similar search results. Also the title gives your user a fair idea of what the blog post is about.

A keyword rich title can help you get better rankings in Search Engines, getting you more organic traffic. Google give lots of importance to the title of the page in its Search Engine Rankings.

Here are some simple tips to write perfect title for your Blog Post -

1. First and the most important tip is to check your title before publishing a post. Many times we think some title and write entirely different one or make some silly mistakes in the one we thought. In Blogger platform, though you can edit the title of your post later, you cannot edit the permalink url of your post which is derived from post title.

2. Though the title must be attractive enough to get the user to visit your blog, it should not be misleading. The title must be relevant to the content of the post. An irrelevant title will make your user leave the Blog with lots of frustration and wasted time. He may never think of revisiting your blog again.

3. Though the post title must be keyword rich, it should be meaningful and relevant.

4. Try to place yourself in the position of the visitor and think what you would have typed, if you would be searching for that topic.

5. Add some spark to the post title, so that the reader must visit your blog out of curiosity.  Here are some examples - Recession - Killing me softly, Launching a Blog? Do It With a Bang.

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