04 June 2011

Blogger lounched virtual tip jar for your blog as 'Support My Blog'


Blogger recently launched "Support My Blog" gadget that enable you to earn some side income from your blog. The blog visitor now can contribute some dollars to you using Google Checkout.

Demo is available at bloggercheckout.blogspot.com

Adding this feature to your blog is simple five steps procedure as follows:

  1. Sign up for a Google Checkout Merchant account at checkout.google.com/sell
  2. Enable the HTML API by going to the Settings tab, clicking the integration link and unchecking the “My company will only post digitally signed carts” checkbox. Then copy the Merchant Id for use in step 5.
  3. Go to Blogger dashboard >> Design >> Page Elements tab click “add a gadget” where you wish to place the Support gadget.
  4. Add the "Support My Blog" gadget.
  5. Customize your support button settings. The Checkout Merchant Id is the one you copied down in step two. Save and you’re done!
 For More Information About Google Checkout visit here: https://checkout.google.com/support/sell/bin/answer.py?answer=134420

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