04 March 2011

Add "Read More..." link to the e mail subscriptions by Feedburner.


Most of the bloggers and site owners are using Feedburner service to add e mail subscribers to their website.Whenever you make a new post the subscriber gets a email. But the problem is that mail has the full content of your post. So there is nearly 50% chance the subscriber will visit your site as the mail has complete content. But now Feed burner has come up with a solution. By using this the subscriber now receive only some part of the post with "Read More..." link and not the whole post.

As per the Feedburner this tool offers a short summary of your hyperlink-free content and direct your subscribers to your Web site for the rest of the story

Add "Read More..." link to e mail subscriptions

1. Sign in to your feedburner account and choose your website.

2. Click on Optimize and select Summary Burner.

3. Click on Activate. Now this service is active for that website. You can decide the post summary by altering the value Maximum length.

4. You can add "Read More ..." or "Continue Reading" or "Visit for complete article" by changing the text in Teaser.

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October 27, 2011 at 12:04 PM

I have selected this option as described above. I have 'activated' it and yet the email is sent with FULL content and NO 'read more...' link. Any ideas? I would so appreciate resolving this as i am ramping up my marketing on subscribptions. cheers deb

October 28, 2011 at 12:43 AM

Keep the original text of "Teaser" box.

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