04 September 2010

Blogger introduced Pageviews (Blog's Stats) widget.



Recently Blogger has introduced two new widgets.
1. Blog's Stats (Total Pageviews)
2. Popular Posts

Blog's Stats (Total Pageviews) is the all time page views value for your any blog. Before most of the bloggers used the third party codes. It is currently available on Blogger in Draft and soon will be on your Blogger Dashboard.  

Adding Blog's Stats widget to your Blog

1. Login to Blogger in Draft. Go to Dashboard > Design > Add a Gadget.

2. Select Blog's Stats.

3. Select Style of page views. If your blog's background is light then choose Black Transparent from Style Options.  If your blog's background is dark then choose White Transparent from Style Options.

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January 5, 2012 at 6:51 AM

cool really helpful...thanx

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