11 August 2010

Blogger introduced Spam comments moderation tool!


As a blog owner you get tons of comments on your various blogs. Mostly many of them are spam comments. Thanks god Blogger finally introduced Spam comments filter/moderation tool. This is available on Blogger in Draft but soon will be available for normal Blogger platform.

Log in to Blogger in draft  On Dashboard you can see a new Comments option after edit posts. Please note that it is available on selected blogs only and not all your blogs. Here you can manage published comments, comments that have been flagged as spam and comments awaiting moderation


When you click on Comments you will get three Options.

1. Published: Contains all your previously published comments. But you can mark them as Spam or can Remove Content.

2.Awaiting Moderation: It contains comments that are not published. Make sure you have turned on Comments Moderation from Settings > Comments >

3. Spam: It contains comments flagged as spam. You can delete this comment and direct as Not Spam.
At the bottom there is a option Report Spam Filtering Issues. By clicking on it you can give feedback on how to improve this feature

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