26 August 2010

Adsense Ads on Photoblog.


Example of Photoblog
Photoblog is a regular blog but have images as content and not or very little text. So you post mainly your images. But can you place Adsense ads on this photoblog? Is this content OK for adsense TOS? When I made a little search I found the divided answers.

You can place Adsense ads on your Photoblog. But mind some following useful tips before doing this:

1. You should not only post only photos but also add some decent description in that post. So it will be photos + text combination.

2. Remember the crawler do not see the photos. So posts with no or very little text are BLANK pages in view of the crawler.

3. Make sure all the images you uploading have "alt text" tags. Crawler can read these tags and tell there is content on your page.

4. Do not just add the title for photos. Add description also.

5. Adsense earning with photo blogs is low.

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