02 June 2010

How to recover a blog deleted by Blogger for TOS violation.


Many of you may have faced this that one of your blog has been deleted by Blogger, stating the reason that your blog has violated their "Terms of Service". Most of these blogs are deleted for the suspicion of being a spam blog. Obviously Google wants to keep its collar clean, so it simply deletes these "suspicious" SPAM BLOGS.

You get to know that your Blogger blog has been deleted when you get an email stating that with reason of violation of "Terms of Service", which you can read here.

Now many of you may have never thought that there is any way to restore your blog. But there is one way by which you can recover your blog deleted by Blogger for TOS violation. Though it is not 100% successful, but at least you can give it a try.

Step I. When you login to your Blogger Dashboard, you can see that your deleted blog is still there.Also there is a "Restore Access" link as shown in the image below.

Step II. After Clicking the restore link above you will have to verify that your human by filling in the captcha form.

Step III. After verifying you should submit an Appeal Spreadsheet as shown below.

Step IV. Post a report in Blogger Help Forum: Something is broken and wait 2-4 days. DO NOT FORGET TO BOOKMARK YOUR POST/THREAD, as you'll need to visit it daily to check any response.

Step V. If even after 4 days your blog is not restored, just appeal any blog*star to help escalate your request to any Blogger Employee. Then wait and watch, because that's all what you can do.

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