17 June 2010

Blogger releases it's official template designer tool


Earlier we have very few choices of official templates provided by Blogger.com. And most of the bloggers do not like these templates. So they try to install elegant custom templates. Sometime these works and sometimes not. So finally BLOGGER finally releases it's official tool that let blogger to design the layout of blog.  And now it is available in your Dashboard.

Go to Dashboard >> Design >> Template Designer and you will be redirected to Blogger Template Designer.

On the left there are four options:

1. Templates - Here you can choose from more than 20 templates categorized in 5 families. And more are added.

2. Background - This lets you to select background color/image of your blog. You can go to the Advanced option to customize colors for specific blog elements.

3. Layout -  Here you can customize the layout of your entire blog.  You will get further 3 options:
3a. Body Layout - Choose from 8 body layouts. You can rearrange your gadgets by dragging them to dotted sections in the expand preview.
3b. Footer Layout - Choose from 3 layouts.
3c. Adjust Width - Here you can adjust the width of entire blog easily.


If you select body layout with left and right sidebar then you will have another two options to adjust width of left and right sidebar.

You can easily preview the changes in the bottom option EXPAND PREVIEW.

4. Advanced - Here you can change Font and/or Colors of page text, background, tab text, links, blog title, tabs background, post title, post footer, gadgets, images, Add CSS, accents and more.

So thanks to Blogger who released the much needed tool for us.

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