21 February 2010

Divide Blogger Labels/Categories widget into Two Columns.


Previously you only have single column for Labels. It is good for few labels upto 5 to 10. But if you have more labels, say 20 - 30 then the list goes very long. How about having two or more columns for labels as shown in the image. It will take less space and looks good.

To do this go to Layout > Edit HTML > Expand Widget Templates.

We need to find the Label id first. Press CTRL F and look for id='Label
Your Label id may be id='Label1 or id='Label2.

Now  look for the following code

Now add following code ABOVE the ]]></b:skin>

#Label1 ul li{
float: left;
width: 45%;

Remember Label1 is your label id. If your label id is Label2 then use following code instead of above

#Label2 ul li{
float: left;
width: 45%;

Finally save your template.

Width will depend on how many columns you want included, and not always accurate, because the widget will inherit the label from the sidebar padding schedule (. Sidebar ul li or something similar). In this case, 45% is good for the two columns become 3 columns, you can walk along with 30 or 33%)

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