12 January 2010

Have you tried the new "Page" feature from Blogger.


If you've desperately wanting to have the static pages like Wordpress on Blogger too, your wish has been fulfilled by the Blogger team. They've just released the new feature "Pages" for Blogger where you can create and publish static Pages on your Blogger blog.

This page will have a different url from your post. Like the url for post in Blogger is

Instead the page url will be
This way you can easily identify, which one is a post and which one is static page.

To create a static page on Blogger-

I. Goto Dashboard > Edit Posts > Edit Pages as shown below.

II. Now Click on the "New Page" button as shown below and this will open an HTML editor similar to one you get while creating post.

Now add whatever content you wanna add and publish it.

When you publish your page, you will be asked whether you would like to display pages on your blog, with options to show it in sidebar or in tabs or without gadget i.e. by manual linking.

But there are a few limitations with this feature:

1. You can only create a maximum of 10 pages.

2. Separate templating for pages would be a little too difficult(but not impossible :) )

3. The Static Pages are not included in the Post Exports till now.(at the time when this post is made)

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