15 August 2009

How To Add a Drop Down Menu to Blogger blog


You can add various meaningful Drop down Menus to your blog for posts, labels, links and etc.

It will look like -

Click Here For DEMO of this Widget

To add this Widget -

1. Go to Blogger Dashboard >> Layout >> Add Page Element >> HTML/Java Script.

and add following code there and save. It's done


<form><select name="menu" onchange="window.open(this.options[this.selectedIndex].value,'_blank')" size="1" name="menu"><option>- Click a Option - </option><!-- change the links with your own --><option value="http://www.wegamers.com/">Gamer's Forum</option><option value="http://www.webmasters-forum.org/index.php">Webmaster's Forum</option><option value="http://www.systemrequirements.in/">Game System Req</option><option value="http://free-blogger-help.blogspot.com/">Get this Widget</option></select></form>

Change Links and titles as per your needs. Please keep Get this Widget link. Also you can add other links too.

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