13 November 2008

How to Add Adsense ads in Google search results ?


When you search on my site , a new page opens having search results , Plus it also have Adsense ads . Here I will explain how to Add Adsense ads in Google search results ?

1. Login to Adsense > Get Ads > Adsense for Search.

2.In Search type option choose Only sites I Select.

3.In Selected Sites option add URL of your site. In optional keywords, add some keywords that can describe your site. Now go to bottom and click Continue.

4.Now choose search box type using Look and Feel. You can also modify text box leanth. Click Continue.

5.Then from Opening of search results page choose open results on Google in a new window. And Click on Continue.

6.In Name your Search Engine option give any attractive name related to your site. Click on Submit and get Code.

6.When you got the code, Copy it.

7.Sign in Blogger > Layout > Page Elements > Add a Gadget > HTML / Java Script . Now Paste that adsense code here and Save . Refresh your website and check it for search.

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