23 November 2008

How deep linking works and list of some deep link directories.


What is Deep link ?

Deep linking is , making a hyperlink to a webpage or image on another website . other than the homepage of that website. Following is the example-


Above is the deep links of the post How to Add Adsense ads in Google search results ? from this site.

How deep linking works ?

In detail, deep linking is the process of
submitting inner pages of a website to other sites such as directories so that you can improve search engine rankings .
Here inner pages means that pages other than the Home Page .


Home Page is http://free-blogger-help.blogspot.com/
Inner page is http://free-blogger-help.blogspot.com/2008/10/dose-cpm-ad-network-for-websites-having.html

List of some deep link directories.

To get benefit from this you have to submit these inner pages to the deep link directories .

So here is the list you can use-

Deep Links Directory List - Directory Critic
MingleOn Web Directory*:: MingleOn.org
Alive Web Directory - Internet Site Resources
Uncover the Net - Web Directory & Search Engine
AllShort Web Directory*
Latest Directory
100 Web Directories

Some of above directories may be paid or free.


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