02 October 2008

What is CPM ads networks ?


Most probably your site or blog gets traffic from search engine like Google , Yahoo etc or direct referrals. Traffics from search engines can help in CPC i.e. cost per click ads. But visitors who visit your site regularly like direct visitors hardly clicks on these CPC ads. So what is the other way .To convert this type of traffics to revenue earning is by using CPM ads .

CPM ads means ads that can generate revenue as Cost Per thousand Impressions . CPM ads are re how much one can earn when an ad gets 1000 impressions on the website. Some pays $3 or $4 per CPM.

Say your site have 800 regular visitors and that generates 1100 impressions per day , in this case CPM ads are best over CPC ads.

CPM ads networks can also offer Cost per Click or Cost per Action or other ads and also requires traffic requirements.

Best CPM ad networks
-TribalFusion has good cpm rates
-Fastclick etc

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