04 October 2008

Content is the King - concentrate on it more.


These days there have been flood of blogs and sites going online with sole objective to make money online. They do everything to promote their sites and get some traffic. They buy traffic, SEO plans, SEO friendly templates and so on...........

But in the process,they forget to improve the content of their site which is most important. The content is the most important thing in any website. But for this content to be useful, it should be unique and not copied as it is from other sites.

Having quality content not only gets you more visitors through search engines, but also helps you get loyal readers which is very important. Unless and until you have some useful content for a visitor why shall he visit your site again.

This not only helps you improve your sites traffic rankings, but also helps you get some backlinks for your site. If your content is really good and unique, then others may put your article on their and give you a baclink in return. And again getting backlinks will help you get higher rankings in search engines and thus more traffic.

Another thing is always write the content related to your site. Like if you have game's blog, you should not write on topic like 'mesothelioma' just because it is high paying keyword. This is most irritating for a visitor. So always write targetted articles.

To write a good article, you yourself have to read articles mon other sites. You can put similar articles on your site after rewriting them, so that they look new.

There are also some online softwares like Content Assistant or other tools that can help you generate quality articles on topics you don't know. By using these internet marketing tools, you will be able to save time and effort while concentrating on developing your new products or create your new campaign, etc. Though I can't recommend them, because I myself don't use such services.

In the end I can only recommend that always do some research before posting any article on your blog and update your blog regularly at least once in a week.

Just remember - "Content is King".

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