24 August 2008

My 50th post - some acheivements........


I made first post at this blog on 8th July 2008, and now on 24th August 2008 (after 47 days), I am writing the 50th post for this blog. All these days have really been busy. I appeared for exams, also transferred 1 site to new host (1 is yet to be transferred) , but stiil I managed to post here regularly ( in addition to building links for this blog).

So lets see, where is my blog after 50 posts (and 47 days).

1. Backlinks -

First of all lets talk about backlinks.I did some serious link building by submitting to directories and some social bookmarking sites, but my main weapon was 'to comment on do-follow blogs' and also to get listed on blogs with 'Top Commentators' plugin.

So after 47 days of link-bulding work, my blog has total of 76 links now(as per Google Webmaters Tools). I think thats not bad at all.

2. Search Engine Ranking -

Now lets see where is my blog on search engines (Google only). Here I am taking reference of Google Analytics.

I got total 257 visits from Google, of which maximum(5) were for the keyword - 'horizontal menu for blogger'. When I searched for this keyword I was really surprised to see my blog placed at 2nd position.

Second maximum (4) were for keyword - 'passion duo red blogger template' and I was more surprised to see my blog placed at number one position. I know the keyword is not that competitive, but still I was not expecting my blog to be placed so higher for any keyword.

3. Traffic -

After 47 days, this blog is getting on an average of 30-40 visitors and 70-90 pageviews per day.

4. Earnings -

Now lets talk about how much I earned from this blog. As you can see, currently I am using Google Adsense ads only.

In the month of July I made only $0.02 from this blog on Adsense.I was not expecting this much also, as I am in this Blogging thing since 1 and 1/2 year, and I know how long it takes to earn good from Adsense.

For August, there's some improvement. Till now, I've made $2.83 from this blog.

5. RSS readers -

As you all can see on my sidebar, there's a feed-count chicklet. It shows 9 readers, which is not bad after 50 posts.

That's all with this 50th post. Let's see where is this blog at 100th post.

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