11 August 2008

Blogger's spam filter turns into disaster for many innocent bloggers.


Recently Blooger has taken a serious initiative to remove all the spam blogs from it's system.But in the process many of the innocent bloggers have suffered.These blogger's blog have been wrongly marked as spam blogs.

Blogger have accepted it's mistake in this post on Blogger Buzz.

How to know whether your blog have been locked as a spam or not ?

If your blog has been locked as spam you may either receive an email from Blogger notifying you of this or you may get a following message in your Blogger Dashboard -

Your blog at: http://yourblog.blogspot.com/ has been identified as a potential spam blog. To correct this, please request a review by filling out the form at http://www.blogger.com/unlock-blog.g?lockedBlogID=xxxxxxxxx

You may also get another notice like this -
Your blog will be deleted within 20 days if it isn’t reviewed, and you’ll be unable to publish posts during this time. After we receive your request, we’ll review your blog and unlock it within two business days. If this blog doesn’t belong to you, you don’t have to do anything, and any other blogs you may have won’t be affected.

This notice means that your blog has been marked as a spam blog but have not been deleted from the system,but also you cannot create posts for the time-being.

How to unlock your blog ? (provided it's not a spam blog)

First of all follow the review link in the notce i.e. - http://www.blogger.com/unlock-blog.g?lockedBlogID=xxxxxxxxx (you can get your BlogID at your create new post page)

Then yourself review your blog and check whether you have added without notice any widget or script which may be considered as a spam or malware,and remove it if any.

If your blog is not restored within 4 days of submitting the review application,then fill this form.
(Note: Use this form only if you have already submitted a review application and at least 4 days have passed after that.)

If none of these help then you are left with only one option - Official Blogger Help Group. Many Bloggers have got their blogs restored after making a request here.

If you have anyother method of getting your blog unlocked, post it in comment and I'll add it here.

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April 18, 2012 at 9:03 AM

Thanks for sharing this useful information.
One of my blog locked by blogger for nothing.
They lock my blog in urgent condition.
Blogger and Google is gonna be evil nowadays.

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