14 July 2008

Making Money by Blogging.


With a boom in the Information and technology there have been a great increase in the internet access.This had given rise to a new industry - "Internet Marketing",which is acheiving new highs these days.

According to Internet Advertising Bureau, this market has crossed £2 billion barrier in the year 2006 and is now heading towards £5 billion.Now everyone having a single page webpage is showing ads to earn some revenue.

Blogs as your money maker.

These days many people prefer blogs over websites.Because it's easy to use,requires no technical knowledge and above all it can be FREE.

While initially people took blogging as a part time work,but realizing it's great potential many people have quit there jobs and have become full-time bloggers.

Here are few examples -
  1. John Chow - http://www.johnchow.com/
  2. Jeremy Schoemaker - http://www.shoemoney.com
  3. Darren Rowse - http://www.problogger.net/
These guys earn thousands of dollars per month(may be per day) from there blogs.

Though it requires lots of patience,but once your blog is set and getting good traffic,you can get very good returns.But like every job it requires hardwork.

Where to start ?

There are many blogging platforms available over the internet.But here are few who I think are the biggest players.
  1. Blogger.com
  2. Wordpress.com
  3. Typepad.com
  4. Tripod.com
  5. Squarespace.com
You can get complete list here.

Of these except TypePad others are free.

Of the above 5 my favourites are Blogger and Wordpress.But I'll recommend you to use Blogger because,in addition of being free it allows you to add HTML ads to your blog,which is not available at wordpress.

Various Advertising networks for Blogs.
  1. Google Adsense.-The biggest Online Advertising Network on this Planet Earth.
  2. Adbrite - Good Adsense alternative for those who have been banned from Adsense.
  3. Kontera - You can use this as a supplement Adsense.
  4. TextLinkAds - Once your blog is old having PR above 3 and Alexa rank >250,000 you can use it.
  5. Chitika - Mixed views from people.I used it on my other blogs but without any success.
In addition to these you can sell your adspace directly to visitors or also use some affiliate networks.

Also you can show cpm ads from different networks,but they do not accept free bloghosts like blogger,wordpress etc.

Does it requires Technical knowledge or skills ?

No, it is not necessary that you should have technical knowledge and skills related to internet,html etc. Professionally I am Medical Student (will be a doctor in 2 years),but still I run this blog,besides this I've 5 more blogs and 1 forum.

It just require your keen interest and desire to work hard and lot of patience.

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